Photo caption: Top – First Year Female Worthington Scholars, Bottom – First Year Male Worthington Scholars
Photo credit: Lindsay Kay Photography 

Rockland, ME—On Sunday, August 6th, recipients of the Worthington Scholarship gathered at the Samoset Resort for the second annual Send-off Event. First-year students who are preparing to begin college were invited to bring two guests, and were seated at tables with other Worthington Scholars from their college or university. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the new Scholars as they embark on their college careers, introduce students and families to the Worthington Scholars program, and provide an opportunity for both students and parents to receive advice on navigating the upcoming transition. Worthington Scholar Kaleb Robinson, a junior at the University of Maine, addressed the crowd. He encouraged first year students to push themselves to explore new opportunities and relationships. He also encouraged students to remain connected to those who have supported them thus far: teachers, coaches, mentors, parents and friends, as they will continue to be important sources of advice and encouragement. 

This year, college success professionals from Husson University, the University of Maine and University College Rockland were on hand to offer advice to students and facilitate discussion groups for current and incoming scholars. Parents were invited to hear presentations from the Finance Authority of Maine and the Maine Educational Opportunity Center. Guests from Camden Hills and Oceanside High Schools were present, as well as members of the Worthington Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees. The Worthington Scholarship began with Oceanside’s class of 2010 and the mentoring and support programs are in their third year.  The program seeks to help students with the adjustment to college life and academics, offer support to parents and families, and cultivate a focus on career exploration, professional skill acquisition and professional development. 

The Worthington Scholarship is available to seniors at Oceanside, Camden Hills and now Medomak Valley High Schools. In order to be eligible to apply for 4 years of scholarship support, students must have an 85 average or above and be enrolling at any of the University of Maine System universities, any Maine Community College, Husson University, Maine Maritime Academy and Thomas College. A second option is available for students with a C average (76-84): they are eligible for two years of scholarship support and may enroll at any of the Maine Community Colleges, or matriculate into a 2 year program at University College Rockland. The scholarship amount has increased over the years and is now $4,000 per year for all recipients.