Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gradsnapp?
Gradsnapp is an online portal designed for college success practitioners (us!) to stay in touch with our scholars (you!) in a simple, easy way.  It also allows our scholars to easily communicate with each other.   Once accepted as a scholar, you will be asked to register for a free account.  During your freshman year, two surveys will be required; one in December and one in early summer,  reporting grades, etc.  Most upperclassmen will have just one survey to complete at the end of each academic year.
Which colleges are eligible for the Worthington Scholarship?

For the 4-year scholarship, students may attend any college in the University of Maine System, Husson University, Thomas College, Maine Maritime Academy, Bowdoin, Bates or Colby College, and any of the Maine community colleges, or University College at Rockland. Students receiving a community college scholarship may attend any Maine community college or University College at Rockland.

Can I be a part-time student and still be eligible for the Worthington Scholarship?
Unfortunately, no, students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in order to receive the scholarship.
Can I receive the scholarship if I do not attend a high school in Knox, Waldo, Lincoln, Hancock or Washington Counties?

Not at this time, though there are plans to expand the scholarship in the future.   Stay tuned…and please check back!

Can I receive the scholarship without applying for federal student aid (FAFSA)?

No, filing the FAFSA is a requirement in order to receive the scholarship. The Foundation wants to make sure that you have maximized your financial aid and have access to federal loans if you need them.

The expected family contribution is a monetary amount that is determined when a family files the Financial Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA. This is the amount that the government believes your family can pay towards college per year. This number is used to determine how much financial aid you will receive from your college.   Our guidelines state you must have a EFC of $15,000 or less to be eligible to receive a Worthington Scholarship.

Can I receive the Worthington Scholarship if my Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is greater than $15,000?
Unfortunately, no. All students who receive the Worthington Scholarship must have an EFC of $15,000 or below.
Can I transfer to a 4-year university after earning a 2-year degree?

Yes! Students on a 2-year track may apply to the Maine Community Foundation for further funding to earn a 4-year degree after successful completion of an Associate’s Degree. Students on the 4-year track will simply renew their scholarship and specify their new school on the renewal application. The 4-year school must be one of the Worthington-eligible colleges or universities.

I enrolled at a non-eligible school coming out of high school, but now I am transferring back to an eligible school due to finances. Can I apply for the scholarship?
Unfortunately, no. The only time that students may apply for the Worthington Scholarship is during their senior year of high school.
I missed the deadline at my home high school, is there any way I can still receive the Worthington Scholarship?

Students who miss the deadline will not be able to receive the Worthington Scholarship, however, the Worthington Scholarship Foundation offers a separate scholarship at University College Rockland that you may be eligible for. Please see more details here.

If I am a Worthington Scholar and I take a semester off, will I remain eligible to receive the scholarship upon returning for the following semester?

Once named a Worthington Scholar, students may request a one-semester deferment for reasons relating to financial, medical or family difficulties.  Student must make the request in writing and receive approval from the Foundation prior to taking the semester off.  

If I take a GAP year, am I eligible to receive the scholarship?
Unfortunately, no, scholarship recipients must enter college in the fall semester after graduating from high school.
What if I don’t have my Financial Aid Award letter by the application deadline?
We recognize that some students do not yet have their financial aid award letter by the application deadline. Students who are in this situation may hand in their application by the deadline and submit their financial aid award letter separately up until May 1st.
Who do I call if I am having trouble with my scholarship payment?

Scholarship payments are handled by the Maine Community Foundation and MaineCF staff is happy to assist. Contact Liz Fickett at 412-2015 or

Worthington Scholarship Foundation

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