Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if my college hasn't received the scholarship check or I have a problem completing the survey?

The scholarship check will be sent directly to your college for deposit in your account.  If it does not show up by the start of the semester, please contact Sebastian Yattaw at the Worthington Foundation office at (207) 596-5800 x 103;

When does the foundation actually pay out the scholarships?

We believe your high school performance earned your initial award, so as long as you are enrolled FT (12 or more credits) your first semester’s $2,000 award will be deposited in your college account early in the fall.  

Can I take a semester off from college without losing my eligibility?

You may request a leave of absence on a semester-by-semester basis.  If approved, you must continue to complete tasks as a scholar within Worthington Connect, such as renewal, as directed. 

Can a graduate of a private high school apply?

No.  Some Worthington-eligible high schools have both public and private students.  Only those students from such WSF partner schools who are partially publicly funded are eligible.  

Can a home schooled high school student apply?

Not usually, since the scholarship committees at each partner high school choose our scholars from the graduating senior class.   If a home schooled student is receiving a diploma from a Worthington-eligible high school, then they can apply.

Can I take a gap year between high school and college and still receive the scholarship?

No, you must intend to matriculate full-time at a partner college immediately following graduation from high school.

I enrolled at a non-eligible school coming out of high school, but now I am transferring back to an eligible school due to finances. Can I apply for the scholarship?
Unfortunately, no. The only time that students may apply for the Worthington Scholarship is during their senior year of high school.
I missed the deadline at my home high school, is there any way I can still receive the Worthington Scholarship?
Students who miss the deadline will not be able to receive the Worthington Scholarship, however, students may apply for the Beverly and David W. Worthington Scholarship Fund at the University of Maine At Augusta Rockland Center.
What if I don’t have my Financial Aid Award letter by the application deadline?
We recognize that some students do not yet have their financial aid award letter by the application deadline. Students who are in this situation may hand in their application by the deadline and submit their financial aid award letter separately up until May 1st.
What information does Worthington require from me to become and remain a scholar?

To become a scholar, once you’ve been awarded our scholarship, register for our free online portal, Worthington Connect.

This portal is our chief means of communication which will include texts, emails and phone calls between staff and scholars.  

To renew, you will be required to upload your college transcripts,  and respond to progress reviews periodically.

Renewal criteria is to earn minimum of 24 credits per year and have a college grade point average of 2.0 or higher.



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