How We Can Help You


In addition to financial assistance,  all Worthington Scholars are assigned a  mentor to follow them through their entire college career. WSF program staff begin meeting with students during the summer after their high school graduation to analyze financial aid award letters,  assist with registering for their WorthingtonConnect account and discuss their college goals and first year plan.   We continue this mentoring role through their entire college experience.

This long-term relationship with scholars is meant to ensure support through any potential barriers to earning a college degree, including issues with financial aid, changing majors, transferring schools, and academic and personal difficulties. WSF program staff will communicate with scholars via phone and text, visit college campuses, and plan events to enhance student success.

Future Programming

WSF uses WorthingtonConnect,  a system to accumulate data involving Worthington Scholars beginning in high school, throughout college and into careers. The purpose of this initiative is to develop and improve strategies to improve student outcomes. As results of this data become available, WSF will change its programming models to optimize effectiveness at accomplishing its mission.

WSF plans to expand to additional counties in coming years.

Worthington Scholarship Foundation